Revolutionizing Vaping: One Brand's Bold Step Forward

Revolutionizing Vaping: One Brand's Bold Step Forward

Vaping was invented in the 1960s to be an effective and better smoking cessation for smokers to have a better lifestyle. The primary purpose is still alive today, but only a few vaping brands are brave enough to make this purpose more effective. This article will show how one vaping brand stood up to the challenge and raised the bar of the game; by making a straightforward logic of innovation to make vaping more appealing to smokers and shift entirely. Continue reading to know more.

A Tribute to the Roots of Vaping

Before the term vaping, it was only e-cigarettes or e-cigs. The design of the early vaping device, including the first, closely resembles the physical appearance of a regular cigarette but with many advantages and was vaporizing instead of smoking. This resemblance in appearance made e-cigarettes commercially successful. Many smokers adopted it as a better smoking alternative for an ideal lifestyle. The numbers of smokers being converted to vapers are still there today. Still, the numbers are slowly declining due to the innovation of vaping devices. These innovations aim to upgrade the vaping experience for people. However, they lead to a drastic change in why smokers now have lesser appeal on vaping. From a simple and easy-to-operate e-cigarette comes these modern vape pens, box mods, squonks, pods, and mechanical mods. The now wider variety of vaping devices created confusion on which one to get and when and a more complicated and expensive way of vaping. Too many customizable parts are available for specific types of vape devices, with more focus on the aesthetic aspect of a device, and the concept of creating a vape device out of precious gems and metals, to name a few. However, the primary purpose of vaping is still there but often becoming more and more forgotten as vaping devices continue to upgrade. All that is needed is one brand to step back from this complicated vaping and move forward to the roots of vaping. That one brand is none other than ELFBAR, making a move towards making vaping great and appealing once again.

ELFBAR’s Revolutionary Move in Vaping

The company ELFBAR created a vaping device called CIGALIKE to reshape the way of vaping back to its original purpose of existence. Designing their vape device CIGALIKE to resemble the first-ever commercially successful e-cigarette design and appearance but with many significant improvements. From the word itself, CIGALIKE appears to be a regular cigarette. It looks like one, and it holds like one without the major guilt an actual cigarette gives. Modern vaping features are also incorporated into the CIGALIKE. Some of the features are the durability of a modern vaping device, a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and the high quality of e-liquid and nic inside. All to make vaping once again convenient, easy to use and understand, way less expensive, and most importantly, more appealing to smokers as smoking cessation. To know more about CIGALIKE and ELFBAR’s massive collection of excellent disposable pod devices, visit their website and see the revolutionary difference in vaping. Delivering a better vaping experience without compromising the roots of vaping and its sole purpose.