A Guide To Learning Driving Range Exercises And Advice For Novices

A Guide To Learning Driving Range Exercises And Advice For Novices

You feel uneasy whenever you on a golf course. You have to look the part, act the role, and follow the rules, all while keeping an eye out for slow play. Believe it. This is not the best place to hone your golf swing. The driving range is an excellent place for amateurs to hone their swing and learn the fundamentals of the game. When you use our beginner-friendly drills and suggestions, you can immediately make the most of your time at the driving range balls.

To Learn How To Play Golf, Avoid Reading Golf Publications.

Reading fancy golf magazines is a sure way to ruin your chances of ever becoming better at the game since you'll suffer from "shiny object syndrome" and attempt everything that looks remotely promising. Yes, you were there and can attest to the statement's truth. you finally started improving my golf game when you stopped reading those disgusting publications. No more letting the newest misguided swing advice from David Leadbetter or Butch Harmon's Golf Digest articles get me down or inspire me to try something new with my swing. Your first piece of advice is to start taking lessons right away since they will teach you all you need to know to get started and succeed.

Advice For New Golfers On The Driving Range

The Grip

You may learn the fundamentals of the grip from this video. To get a good swing going, it's essential to choose a grip that you're comfortable with. Working on your hold should take up to 30 minutes per day for a week. In other words, this is a crucial foundational point.

Stance And Posture

You can find a similar example in Ben Hogan's book. As the length of the club decreases, the ball will be closer to the player. As the club gets shorter, so does your posture.


Take note of the blue disc in the image. You may quickly set your club face by lining up with that point on the line from the ball to the target. Aiming at a dot or blade of grass just a few feet from the ball makes it much easier than hitting a target 200 yards away.

Getting A Good Strike

After you've mastered proper grip, posture, ball position, and alignment, you'll probably want to smash as many drivers as possible. Friend, take it easy for a moment; we need to work up to this. Get a lesson if you can afford it. The vast majority of golfers have never had any formal instruction, and as a result, they tend to be stuck in bad habits they will never be able to shake. Go to a pro for a few lessons if you can afford it so you can learn the basics from someone who knows what they're doing.


You get a cold sensation whenever you go to the golf course. You have to look a certain way, worry about how you're behaving and the regulations, and be alert for the prospect of slow play. Don't look now, but do you know of better venues than this one to learn how to hit a golf ball far? Amateur golfers can improve their game significantly by spending time at a driving range and working on their swing.